UFC 151 Update: What Happened to Any Place, Any Time?

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized


DFN Sports Blog

After the events of last week, when Jon Jones turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen, I was left asking myself this question.  What happened to the fighter’s motto “anyplace, anytime”?  The criticism Jones has faced since his decision was made public would lead the casual MMA fan to think this type of thing has never happened.  Well it has.  Did Anderson Silva not recently turn down a fight against middleweight contender Chris Weidman based on monetary gain?  Yes, he did.  An event wasn’t cancelled because of Silva’s choice but that is not the point.  In my opinion money and championship titles have begun to destroy the essence of hand to hand combat, which is the already mentioned motto “anyplace, anytime”.  When this happened, the definition of fighter became lost in translation and heroes became sponsored by Nike and fell in love with their bank statements.

Before there were big time contracts, pay per views and millions of…

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