UFC Japan

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Now

According to this article by MMA Junkie, The UFC is headed to Japan.

They will have small fights in arenas for 5,000 people or so, to build Japanese fighters popularity before coming into the UFC. No broadcast plans have been announced, but I think this is great.

Japanese fighters come in with loads of hype, they fight in the UFC and often go out swinging quickly. People blame the cage, the name, and the country change, well now people can only blame the country. Having these guys fight in an octagon will get them used to a cage, and the UFC title will already be upon them. The only major difference for these guys coming to the big UFC shows would be leaving Japan. Which shouldn’t be a big issue, seeing that fighters come from Europe, China, Brazil, and Thailand to fight without worry all the time.

I hope…

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