Eric Kelly: Pressure of being the “Pride of the Nation”

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized


Eric Kelly (7-0) didn’t hide his feeling of being pressured to fight MMA legend Jens Pulver (26-16-1) during the open media workout at the Balance Gym in Pasig City, Philippines. He said, “There is 30% pressure raised to 100%, but I’m happy to fight him,” with regard to his looming fight with Jens Pulver in his home country, the Philippines.

Giving credit to his opponent, Eric Kelly discussed that Jens Pulver has a lot of heart, and prompted everyone to expect an exciting fight. There was no hesitation when he said that his confidence was at 100% coming into the fight. He will look to bring the fight to the MMA legend with the hope of propelling his own career forward with a win.

Touching on his path to mixed martial arts, he recounted that he boxed before being scouted for wushu. It was then that he found mixed martial…

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