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Cyborg’s gross.
She tested positive for performance enhancers. She’s looked totally roided out for years.
I wish Ronda Rousey hadn’t increased her relevance by making her the subject of post fight taunts during Saturday’s Strikeforce show.
It gave Cyborg that much more of an audience when she declared herself the world’s true No.1 featherweight woman during her response.
My question is, ‘Who should fight Cyborg now?’ It wouldn’t be fair to ask Ronda. It wouldn’t be fair to ask anybody. Cyborg cheated and got caught. Why should we trust her now?
You could ask these same questions and have the same concerns about any fighter who tests positive for PEDs.
In the interest of fighter safety and painting a better picture for the skeptical public, I’d like to see all rule-breakers forced to pass monthly (if not weekly) random tests for months leading up to their next fight.
I realize…

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