Episode 3: Jimmy Smith

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Little Ethnic Girls

Little Ethnic Girls with Jimmy Smith

Little Ethnic Girls welcomes former MMA fighter and current Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith to talk sports and boobs.  It’s the first week of the Olympics, and we sympathize with the Saudi Arabian female wrestler who might not compete, because she’s not allowed to wear a modest suit. Naturally, the discussion migrates to fake breasts and plastic surgery.  Helen can’t wait til she has money so she can get all sorts of work done, while more down-to-earth Maria just wants to fix a couple scars.  And maybe a butt reduction, to which Jimmy assured her, no man wants.  Jimmy’s happy as long as he can “write his name” on a woman’s breasts.  In “The Racist Moment of the Week,” Helen shares her horror at being asked by an elderly white man at Starbucks “Hey miss, HOW MUCH?” while Maria’s run in with an old white…

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