Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

United States Krav Maga's Blog

“Violence of action trumps technique.” SGT Rory Miller

I have blogged several times on the fact that techniques won’t save any of us when attacked but an aggressive, “animal” mindset will. This reminds me of something I’ve seen a few times when training others in Krav. A year and a half or so ago I went to a gym in another state to teach the staff Krav Maga. The owner was athletic enough and a former power lifter but his punching form was really bad. His hands were way too low, he didn’t turn his hips at all, his combinations were choppy and not smooth at all and…he had been in and won more fist fights in any one month stretch while in his twenties than you or I will in our entire lives!

I have a friend who owns Krav Maga gyms in another state who told me something…

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