Arnaud The Underdog

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

FSA - FightSport Asia

Arnaud “The Game” Lepont has found himself in a dream fight; instead of finalising recent online spats and callouts (from either side) with the likes of Ray Elbe, JJ Ambrose, Will Chope and Isamu Himura, Arnaud will be competing in One FC against the greatest lightweight in the short history of MMA.

He is aware, it seems, that despite his decent record and style, that he is coming up against a superstar of the sport and a man who has contributed a great deal of its most memorable moments (from Aoki-plata’s to arm-breaks, flip-offs to tearful tantrums, faceplants to face-cranks, Aoki’s 2006-2011 was extraordinary). He is aware that he is, simply put, an underdog.


I know that i am a HUGE underdog. You can all say that i don’t stand a chance against the Legendary Tobikan Judan. Haters can say that i will lose under a minute. But i…

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