The next evolution of MMA

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


Good boxing is what is missing from MMA. And MMA needs it to evolve and grow its fan base. Personally, I’m not interested in watching MMA. Like Frank Shamrock, it is my craft so I watch but I’d much rather watch boxing. First of all, its boring to watch two guys struggle on the ground or against a cage. This is why Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling never go to big and it’s why Professional Wrestling (WWE) has the drama that it does. Wrestling is boring to watch. I’ve been involved in Judo since I was 6 and I think ground fighting is boring to watch. Your average person with no training must find it more so.

The Japanese figured this out long ago and that’s why judo matches favor tachiwaza over newaza. Spend too long on the ground with no action and you get stood up. Same thing in boxing…

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