Phil Baroni Blog Leading in to ONE FC 5 Pride Of A Nation – Manila

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

FSA - FightSport Asia

Phil Baroni is set to fight BJJ Champion & Evolve MMA fighter Rodrigo Ribeiro on the ONE FC 5 card in Manila, Philippines on 31st August.

I know one thing – If Baroni ever got locked up (war machine style) i’d read his daily cell blogs for sure.

Here’s Baroni’s latest blog (funny lad this guy)

(taken from the guest blog post Baroni wrote for bloodyelbow)

I have about three weeks until my fight (or so days till I board my flight to Manila). It’s late Sunday night. I can’t sleep as usual, so I figured why not hit the streets and get some road work in? I ran for about 50 minutes, although before I checked the clock in the kitchen I thought I ran for over an hour.

I ran my usual long loop that usually takes me an hour or so. Funny, I didn’t even feel like I pushed…

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