Mixed Martial Arts Coloring Book Published by Mikazuki Publishing House

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mikazuki Publishing House - Book Publisher of fiction, non-fiction, childrens books.

(Mikazuki News) August 13, 2012 – The MMA Coloring Book (ISBN 978-1-937981-60-0) has been published by Los Angeles based book publishing company Mikazuki Publishing House. With the popularization of combat sports through mediums such as the Olympics, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride, International Fight League, and various television shows dedicated to combat sports, the growth of mixed martial arts has been rapid. The MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Coloring Book is nearly 50 pages of illustrations from the various martial arts including karate, Olympic sports like Taekwando, Judo, and Boxing. Other combat sports including Escrima and Jujitsu/or Jiu-Jitsu are also featured in this coloring book. The MMA Coloring Book authored & illustrated by Hoornaz Mostofizadeh, is a book that children of all ages can enjoy. Hoornaz Mostofizadeh, having had illustrated 6 book titles previously for Mikazuki Publishing House, said “Coloring books are among the first items a child uses in their life…

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