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CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBSDFW) – Two years ago, Frankie Edgar had one lone defeat in The UFC, and yet hardly anyone was giving him a chance to defeat B.J. Penn for the lightweight title.

Weighing a natural 155 pounds, Edgar had always been undersized even as a lightweight.

That night in Abu Dhabi, Edgar defeated Penn, took his belt, and for good measure beat him again even more decisively in a rematch four months later.  Frankie would then go on to hold the UFC lightweight title for two years, retaining the belt twice more in a pair of thrilling fights against Gray Maynard, before losing his title to Benson Henderson this past February in a five round unanimous decision.

Henderson, a former WEC fighter who is known for his athleticism and outstanding kicks, used his legs to guide him to victory over the shorter and smaller Edgar.

While two judges saw the…

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