9 months to go

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized


So I decided to keep this blog because I know how weirdly wired my brain is and I usually find myself quite funny in hindsight. Considering I have a degree in journalism I should try to pretend that I’ve done something with it and say I’ve kept a blog. But yer my brain is fucked up.

I will worry about things that will probably never happen (I say probably because if I don’t pretend to believe that the world will end in December it probably will just to fucking spite me) and then not show a care in the world at the things that should worry a normal person. Things like while watching UFC last night my girlfriend walked in the room and threw a stick, which had piss on at me which notified me that she is having our first baby, presumably.

I say presumably because everyone’s seen Jeremy…

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