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FSA - FightSport Asia

JJ “Superman” Ambrose is a Bellator fighter, and part of the young fight team at Phuket Top Team.

In this video, the 18-4-1 lightweight challenges controversial Frenchie Arnaud “The Game” Lepont, in a respectful, dignified and measured manner. He also, at my prompting (click on Jumpin’ Jack Fletch and “follow” you degenerate swine) discussed video games, (he hopes to smash Gear of Wars 3, and then perhaps another “Game” – namely, Lepont), and other topics breached include his hair, fast food, his most recent knockout victory in PRO FC, and the nostalgic wrestler even adds a little walk down memory lane to boot.

Watch the video if only for the spectacle of an extremely handsome man with beautiful hair speaking on camera. If you’re an impatient yank with ADD, the Arnaud talk starts at around one and a half minutes into the video.



Ambrose (and pal Ray Elbe)…

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