Passing the Guard: Mixed Martial Arts Power Rankings August 2012

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Sports Inquirer



Music to listen to:  Born Under Punches (live) by The Talking Heads


No better way to get back into the rhythm of The Sports Inquirer than a Mixed Martial Arts Power Rankings.




1) Junior Dos Santos

2) Cain Velasquez

3)  Alistair Overeem

4)  Fabricio Werdum

5)  Daniel Cormier


Outside looking in:  Frank Mir, Josh Barnett


Thoughts:  Dos Santos is the king of the mountain.  The nixed fight between Dos Santos and Overeem would have tremendously interesting because Overeem’s kickboxing skills would negate and potentially surpass the Brazilian’s boxing skills.  However, Dos Santos’ ground skills surpass the Dutchman’s by a wide margin.  Velasquez’s wrestling would present trouble as well for anybody else in the heavyweight division and his speed along with elite stamina present problems as well.  I’ve enjoyed seeing Werdum’s evolving stand-up skills and his knockout of Mike Russow at UFC…

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