BJJ = Real Cardio

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Edventure Blog

Getting Back into Shape, Day Three.

Having put myself through some torturous gym sessions for the first two days of the week, I decided Wednesday was time for some intense cardio. What better way to achieve this than by a couple of hours at my logo dojo, Genesis, for the killer brazilian jiu jitsu class?

So I hopped on my Bearhawk after work and burned on down there, arriving just in time for the insanity that is the “warm up”. Punching pads whilst attached to bungee cords, leaping over barriers, single-leg take-downs and heavy bag work, in two-minute rounds. Grim.

After that, we launched ourselves (literally) into a brilliant trip manoeuvre, finishing in what may be the most painful submission hold I have ever experienced. That for a good hour or so is a definitely a good way to guarantee a total, leg-crippling, lung-aching workout.

So, a third success. Depending…

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