UFC 151 Preview: Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
  1. It used to be fun when I got in too. It was such a theta atmosphere that no one wanted to leave even after the church had closed. We used to sit out front for hours after closing time because everyone was too keyed out to go home or leave the party.My biggest complaint was that they always got me so keyed out and I couldn’t sleep and then I would have to go to work and then I would get off work and be sooo tired and then go to the mission and get keyed out again and be up all night again. But I was happy. And I felt I could trust those on staff. And I didn’t feel watched. Didn’t feel like “ethics bait”. And I couldn’t wait to go back again!THAT’S SCIENTOLOGY.

  2. Good comment , except that you insulted the hog race !!!

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