My Interview on Self-realization for Top Brazilian Fight Magazine, “Tatame”

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Very nice article,keep up the good work.

Giridhari's Blog

I was interviewed for an article on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and yoga for Brazil’s biggest fight magazine, called Tatame.  Tatame has a print run of 22 thousand and is distributed all over Brazil. Because there are so many Brazilian UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champions, including the legendary Anderson Silva, MMA has become huge in Brazil, the country’s favorite sport now after soccer.

Despite the mundane focus of the article, which was meant to show how yoga helps MMA fighters perform better, there was room to speak of yoga as a complete spiritual path, of the importance of self-realization and to include mention of our bhakti-yoga retreat, Pandavas Paradise.

The very beginning of the article, entitled “The Power of the Mind” had a quote from me in large print, saying:

“Yoga goes way beyond just physical activity or meditation. It’s a way of life, an enlightened way to deal with…

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