Frank Mir booked to fight Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The First to Fight

Looks like the word floating around for Strikeforce’s September 29th card is that former UFC Heavyweight Champion and most recent Heavyweight contender, Frank Mir, will take a leave of absence from the UFC Octagon to match up with Strikeforce Heavyweight GrandPrix Champion, Daniel Cormier.  I totally wasn’t expecting them to go this route with Cormier’s next opponent, as a lot of MMA analysts speculated that Strikeforce had reached out to Tim Sylvia about a potential fight with Cormier.  A bout with Frank Mir adds a whole lot more to the table as if Daniel Cormier manages to put away Frank Mir, he solidifies himself as Top 5 Heavyweight in the world.  I still like the initial idea I proposed better, though.  Have the winner of Cormier/Barnett move over to UFC and face the winner of the dos Sants/Mir bout that was held in May.  To me, that was the only…

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